The Red Lion Public House, Cassington, Oxfordshire, OX29 4DN every Monday evening from 19.00 hrs

Email contacts

The first point of contact should be with the club secretary, see below.

Club Secretary – Geoff Ives (shed1″at”

Chairman – John Lay 

Webmaster – Graham Lay

Membership Secretary – Ken Drinkwater 


3 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hi
    My name is Alan Howlett, I have been riding now for some 33 years and have owned many bikes. I currently own a modern Triumph and I have been thinking joining a local motorcycle club.
    I spotted your club on a local Google search, as I live in Bicester it is a nice little run out to Cassington.
    I am ex Royal Air Force and have been a member of a motorcycle club before…Not sure if me or my bike will fit in, would like to come by one evening and see what it is all about.

    • Morning Alan welcome to the club. I to live just outside Bicester in Blackthorn and own a Triumph engined Manx Norton. Hopefully meet you one Monday evening at Cassington. Mark

    • Alan – thank you for your interest. You are most welcome to come along and check us out. Many members have modern Triumphs as well as older classics so your ‘sickle will blend in nicely. There is at least one member who lives in Bicester and who attends most Mondays on a bike during the better days and in a car when the weather is inclement. During the winter months fewer bikes turn up but we still get 25 or so members to enjoy a beer and put the world to rights. I go most Mondays but sometimes have other club meetings there as well (Velocette Owners Club). Let me know by separate email when you do want to come along and I will make sure that I will be there (my email address is on the contacts page) to welcome you. I see you use Facebook, I have set up a group page there, I will send you a friend request to my own page and you can follow the BMRCO website by entering your email address in the small box at the bottom of Information posts page. Best regards – graham

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