BMRCO Data Protection Policy

British Motorcycle Riders Club (Oxford)
Data Protection Policy
Rev 01 – 12/07/18
In response to General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR (May 2018)
This policy includes the following:
•What personal data does the club hold?
•Where is it held?
•What do we hold it for?
•Who can see the policy?
What data do we hold?
•Postal Address
•A telephone number
•An email address (optional)
•Whether or not you have agreed to receive electronic communication from the club
For new members all this information is gathered from a paper Membership application form.
Where is it held?
Paper Membership application forms and an electronic copy of the data from the forms are held by:
the Membership Secretary.
An abridged copy of members who have agreed to be contacted is held electronically by the Secretary.
What do we hold it for?
The committee believes that it is the minimum amount of information required to allow the club to communicate with members concerning club business and events.
Who can see the policy?
Anyone can see the policy
Further information:
•Any member can change their mind with respect to receiving electronic communications from the club at any time
•The club will not pass any member details on to anyone else without the member’s
•The committee members holding the information will hold it in a secure method. This
o An up to date and fully patched operating system
o Patched software
o An up to date Firewall and Anti-virus
o The data will be held in a secure location to minimise the chance of unauthorised
access to it.
•If a member does not renew their membership by the deadline their data will be deleted
from the clubs records and any paper copies of their application to join will be destroyed
•If an officer of the club resigns from his / her post, he / she promises to delete any electronic data and return any data on paper that was supplied to him / her by the club