Club Regalia

 (Please note: this page supplants any previous regalia information posted on the website.)
The first order normally goes out when the Regalia Officers gets the new prices in January but we can and do order single items if required.
Mark is thinking of setting up a small stall of examples for people to see at the next round of ordering and possibly at the Best of British Bike Day (usually in June).
Current prices for items are listed below. Note – pricing includes one Logo either Embroidered or Printed.
SS11 & SS5 Polo Shirt £16.25+VAT = £19.50
SS6  Tee-Shirt               £12.89+VAT = £15.47
SS9  Sweatshirt            £18.25+VAT = £21.90
BB15 Cap (print only)      £9.35+VAT = £11.50
SS6B Tee-Shirt                   Zero VAT = £11.50
SS9B Sweatshirt                Zero VAT = £15.50
* Check which Logo when ordering Caps
BMRCO Sweatshirt (Navy)
BMRCO Sweatshirt (blue)