Ride Outs 2020

Where                 When                         Classic Bike Run   Run Captain      Sweeper

Kemble               Sun 19th April

Chalgrove           Fri 8th May                  Yes                                                      Mark H.

Stony Stratford   Sun 7th June                                              Steve O.

Cogges               Sun 21st June             Yes                          Adrian L.              Mark H.

Evenly                Sun 2nd August           Yes                           Bob H.

Toddington         Sun 23rd August                                           Paul F.                Mark H.

Chearsley           Sun 13th September

Sands                 Sun 27th September                                    Bob H.

Air Ambulance Runs:

Classic Motor     Sat 16th May                                                                                          Hub (Bibury)

“Ride the            Sat 23rd May                                                                                County”                                                                                                                         Sign up online (min £10) at tvpairambulance.org.uk/support_us/events .


Classic bike runs will be run at slightly slower speeds to encourage the use of but not exclusively for classic bikes.
The other longer runs will be up to national speed limits but classic bikes are encouraged to come along.

Please note we are looking for volunteers to lead or sweep some of these events.

Notes for Runs Out:
1. All runs to start from the Red Lion, Cassington 10:00 am sharp.
2. Please turn up fully fuelled.
3. The drop off system will be used and the sweeper (only) to wear an ORANGE hi vis vest to enable easy identification.
4. Speeds will be up to national speed limits.
5. An email will be sent to members if an event has to be cancelled due to weather so if it looks dodgy, please check your emails before leaving.
6. When a rider has been dropped off they MUST wait until picked up by the sweeper.