Founder’s Day – Sunday July 23rd 2017

After a very wet Saturday and poor weather forecast for the Sunday, it was with some trepidation we set off for Founder’s Day. Would anybody turn up? Would the area be a sea of mud? In the end however we did not need to worry, after some rain on the journey up and a little more once we had arrived, happily after the gazebo was erected, the weather took a turn for the better becoming a pleasant morning and afternoon.

There was some confusion when we first arrived, as although the organisers knew we were coming they had not allocated a space. On previous occasions we had a space around the main ring, this time it seemed they were just “winging” it. Having rejected their first offering as being too small, the next was not a lot better but we took it and then promptly extended it as there was nobody next door.

All in all seven machines turned up for display, ranging from pre to post war, the van providing space as a helmet store, while the gazebo complete with table and chairs, the members rest area.

Not only the various club stands to visit, a “bikes for sale” area and a large auto jumble to peruse, were all there to enjoy. Also during the day our membership secretary took one renewal and signed up a new member.

Thanks to all those who helped to erect the gazebo, club banners etc. (and helped to take it down again after) and riders for bring their machines.

Machines present were 500 Silk, 29 BSA, 48 Royal Enfield, Norton Atlas, Pre-war new Imperial and last ( but definitely not least) a pair of Triumphs

Photos :- Ken Drinkwater.

Words :- John Lay