Banbury Run 18/06/17 – report

Club Display at the Banbury Run.

The VMCC’s Banbury Run is claimed to be the worlds largest gathering of pre 1931 motorcycle. It’s also the occasion of the BMRCO’s display with the club’s gazebo, members and their machines on show. With weather being as hot as it was the gazebo proved it’s worth, gave somewhere to sit in the shade as well as a place to store members ridding gear.

A total of six machines were on display (5 British and 1 guest) also two more members made their way independently. The day might be considered a success with two new members signed up and some membership forms handed out. There was also the chance to browse the auto-jumble and a few “treasures” were found.

Machine on display:- Silk 500, Norton, Triumph Triple, Vincent 1000,                  BSA 250, Moto – Guzzi 500 (guest machine)

Report – John Lay

Photographs © Paul Albert