Founder’s Day Rally – Sunday July 17th

Report on the above by John Lay (Chairman)

A bit thin at the Founders Day rally this year with only four members and three machines on the stand. We did gain an extra bike from an interested passer-by and there were also a number of club members who called by having made their own way independently.

The Taverners section of the VMCC who run the event made an extra effort this year as it was the 50th adversary of the rally and the 70th of the VMCC so apart from the large auto-jumble, the club stands and any number of bikes to look at there was the Wall of death giving free shows. Happily (and those who were at the NEC a few years ago will know what I mean) we were not too close. Apart from some rain on the journey up first thing morning the weather soon improved to what proved to be a nice sunny day. “Founders” is always a good “do” and at only about an hour and a half away well worth the effort.

Founder's Day 2016