Classic Car, Vintage Bike and Steam Day at Cogges Farm Museum – Sunday June 19th 2016, 11.00 am – 16.00 pm


Cogges Farm Museum are holding their inaugural Classic Car, Vintage Bike and Steam Day at Cogges Farm Museum on Sunday June 19th 2016 ( Fathers Day) and our club has been invited to attend. Whilst we have already made our usual commitment to attend the Banbury Run on the same day, I do feel that there are a sufficient number of us who could support this event.

I have spoken with the organiser of this event and she would very much appreciate us bringing along our motorcycles. The museum is a wonderful place for children of all ages and it is really trying very hard to broaden it’s appeal and raise money.

They hope to get a good selection of relevant cars, motorcycles, tractors, steam engines, farm implements, stationary engines etc etc so it should make for an interesting day for all concerned.

They hope to open up the whole site using the barns, yard lawn and possibly the field.

This event is a local event and gives us the opportunity to support a very worthwhile institution and make our club known to other motorcyclists.

If you are interested please contact me or simply turn up at the vehicle entry gate at the museum before 10.30 or so and park up on the right hand side. We have an area protected from the weather.

Questions to me please – Graham Lay

For more details of Cogges Farm Museum and it’s location click on the link below.