Best of British Bike Day 2016 – Saturday May 28th – Report

On Saturday May 28th BMRCO held its 4 th annual Best of British Bike Day at the Red Lion in Cassington. We were blessed with dry and sunny conditions and some 180 British motorcycles came along during the day. This year AJS and Matchless were the featured marques with some 20 singles and twins attending, including one road going AJS 7R (a BMRCO member).

It was grand to be able to make new contacts, especially with some of the members of the local AJS/Matchless club. We hope they will visit us on future Monday evenings.

As can be seen from the images below this event attracts all manner of motorcycles ranging from the almost pedestrian to the fire breathing Trident of Mark S. Great to see Ken D on his recently re-comissioned Velocette LE. The work on this machine was carried out by British Motorcycle Restorations of New Yatt, a new business set up by 4 BMRCO members……

A number of Velocettes gathered together because that is what they do….they enjoyed the gig so much last year that they returned this year. 

Of particular note was that our 2 international club members (Anthony L and Rene van de S) travelled from the Netherlands to attend. Fine fellows both of them, nicely adding to the “colour” of the club. Nice to see you guys.

A big thank you as always to Janice for allowing us to use the garden of the Red Lion and organising the bbq.

All being well we will repeat it all over again next year….May 27th 2017.