BMRCO run to Super Sausage Cafe April 10th – Report


Our Sunday April 10th run to the Super Sausage at Towcester was attended by a total members of 14 boosted by the dry and sunny weather. The usual large variety of wheels was already gathered at the venue. Our collection of mainly British bikes added nicely to the show.

Whilst riding as one of the last bikes in the cavalcade the variety of bikes in the group ahead of me very much typified our wide biking interests. British singles, twins, three and four cylinder bikes plus some non-British bikes thudded and purred their way along. The variety of makes is I think one of our big strengths.  

4 of our good ladies either rode pillion or went as passengers in the support vehicle adding nicely to the feel of the day.  

Many thanks to Janice for opening up the pub at 09.00 hrs for coffee and to the “Runs Committee” for organising the day and ensuring we had a safe and enjoyable day.