VMCC Boxing Day meet – 2015


Well in excess of 50 motorcycles turned up for the 2015 VMCC meet-up at the Red Lion on Boxing Day plus quite a few others turned up in cars. A wide variety of machines parked up from the modern to the distinctly old and unusual (a v-twin Burney of 1925?). At least 18 of those attending were BMRCO members. 

Most of the riders left at 12.00 noon, some proceeding to The White Hart at Fyfield and for those interested later to the Ron Amey Trial at the neighbouring village Besselsleigh.

It is most heartening to see this long standing tradition (VMCC Boxing Day meet) continue even after having been denied it’s previous locations in Oxford. Given good weather the meet may even get bigger. As always many thanks to Jan, the landlady of The Red Lion for opening up at 09.30 to serve tea and coffee to those turning up early. As always the folk of Cassington welcome the holding of such meets even though some are bemused by our passion for old motorcycles.