BMRCO Summer Ride and Social – Saturday August 8th 2015 – Report

The BMRCO Summer Ride and Social on Saturday August 8th was considered by all to have been a big success. 28 bikes left the Red Lion at 12.00 bound for Toddington Steam railway and were joined by 3 more club members en-route and one more at the location. A number of us took our good ladies on the pillion further boosting the attendance. After enjoying refreshments we returned to Cassington by a different route (much like the 3 kings) to avoid traffic in Stowe and Burford. Many thanks to Paul F for his escorting of the 2 slowest riders back the Cassington. Not cars dared overtake a tall rider on a large white motorcycle wearing a full reflective jacket.
Many more club members joined us at the Red Lion Inn with their wives to enjoy the rest of the day. The bbq was fired up in good time and in the early evening Jacqueline Naomi Croft-Spicer and her band entertained us with some of her own songs as well as some covers. A huge thanks to her and her band for this, it added very much to the proceedings. Also many thanks to Chris Alchin who entertained us with demonstrations on his dulcima. Additionally a big thank you to Jan and Billy of the Red Lion, Cassington, Oxfordshire. for hosting the social side of the day, organising the bbq etc.
Jenny Taylor kept up very well with the groups on her far Eastern 125 and David Dale deserved a medal for attending on his Bantam D7. Ever the happy rider he knew he would be out powered by the big stuff but ploughed his own furrow across the Cotswolds. I think next year he will probably attend on his C15. His D7 will not be needing a decoke after this run. At least 2 guests who attended the event will probably now be joining the club.