THE VMCC Banbury Run 2015

Event report by John Lay, images courtesy of Paul Albert.

“For this years event the club was allocated a space just along from the start/finish point. Being at the end of the row we were a little out of the way, but it did make for an easy exit at the end of the day.

A total of nine machines (eight British and one “guest”) were on display, and with that many people it meant everyone had the chance to go and look at the bikes or tour the quite large auto jumble. No doubt a few “treasures” found their way home.

The weather cooperated by staying dry and mostly sunny, although rather windy at times, but the club’s gazebo managed not to blow away. Also it gave a handy meeting place as well as somewhere to store helmets and riding gear.

These events are the club’s “shop window”, and we did in fact manage to sign up one new member.

Of the machines on the stand we bikes from the 20’s, 30’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Quiet a range.

Thanks to all who turned up and/or display their bikes.”