BMRCO Membership Renewals

Members –  Please be advised that membership is due for renewal as from June 1st each year. It is thus now due unless you have already done the deed with Ken (Drinkwater). When paying your sub please bring along your membership card – Ken will then either prepare a new card for you, or stamp your existing card appropriately. The renewal fee is once again held at £7.00 but if you let your membership lapse then you will have to pay the extra £2.00 joining fee. Membership lapses after a grace period of 3 months (ie end August). 

If you want to join the club you can download a form from the Membership Page.

If you have any queries regarding membership please address Ken directly.

As a footnote of interest the membership of the club is now the highest it has ever been and growing with many new Brit bike owning members. Nice.