Best Of British Bike Day 2015 – One members take on the day.

The above images were all taken by Ken Day on our 3rd Best Of British Bike Day and are a interesting study of some of those who attended.

The following is his take on the day.

“I’d like to thank all those who organised BOBBD on Saturday last. Couldn’t have wished for a better atmosphere plus being blessed with good weather.

Most photos taken at these events are of the bikes, with or without riders in all their gear. I thought it might be an idea to show our members and some past members in their usual more relaxed and laid back mode, and what a great bunch we have in the club. Always good for a laugh with plenty of banter (right b******s, some of ’em) HA HA.

I found the day very enjoyable as I believe and hope everyone else did.

It’s always great to see the odd face that you haven’t seen for years and there were quite a few of those.

I also enjoyed the barbeque, a tasty hot dog with all the trimmings went down well with a pint of Guiness or more.

Hoping that all future “meets” remain as pleasant without the interference of upshot authorities.”

Many thanks Ken for your take on the day. All members are invited to send me images and a few words regarding any aspect of our club life.