VMCC Banbury Run – June 21st 2015

A message from our chairman….

21st of June sees the VMCC’s famous “Banbury Run”, said to be the largest gathering of vintage (pre 1930) motorcycles in the world. Not only are there the bikes, there is also a large auto-jumble to seek out those bits and pieces for your latest project and the Motor Heritage Museum will be open for your delight. If all this is not enough to tempt you, BMRCO will be there as well and for just a little bit of effort, so could  you. Just bring your bike to put on display and put in a couple of hours manning the stand so that everyone will have the chance to look around, and in return you will receive a sticker for your bike and a wrist band which gets you to the heart of the action.

Go on your own and it costs you £12.00 to get in and you will end up parking “miles away” so come and support your club. See John or Geoff at club nights for more details.

Advance warning, the next BMRCO event will be The Founders Day Rally on the 19th. July. So put in your diary now.