BMRCO Facebook Group

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Earlier this year I created a Facebook page for our club.

Today I gave ourselves a Group presence on Facebook.

I have set it up so that it is a Closed Group and those who wish to join the group must apply to the group Admin (me).

After approval you are then able to post images, comments etc freely to the group.

If I consider any comment or image to be offensive or against the best interest of the club I will delete the comment/image and ban the member from the group, no second chances. This includes any bad language.

It is the intention that this facility enables members of the group to share images, videos and comments that enhance our club and promote it.

I appreciate that many members consider the internet and all related aspects to be the work of the devil and Facebook is beyond consideration but give it a try, it aint so bad.

The number of useful Groups in Facebookland is immense and great fun.

There are many privacy and notification settings that protect you against evil people.

Those members who are not on FB the process is easy and pain free, all you need is to get onto the FB website and join using your chosen email address to create your own page with as many or as few details as you are comfortable with.

Many members are already on FB, I hereby invite you to join the group.

If you have any questions please ask.

I am still finding my way around FB so bear with me if there are issues.

To view the group page click on the link below.