NEC Classic Bike Show 2014 – November 13/17

Classic Bike Show 2014

“This years show seemed if anything to be slightly smaller than last year despite the organizers claim that there were in fact more bikes on display.

Of that total the club provided 10 machines, the usual eclectic mix of bikes covering most decades of the 20th. Century. Also compared with last time, we had more space and were well away from the Wall of Death and it’s attendant racket.

Another change this time, the organizers seem to have given up the idea of separating the car and bike show, and with our position mid way between the two halves of the main show there was a considerable throughput of people on all three days. All of our machines generated interest with the show visitors, for unlike the highly polished bikes on other stands, with their rope barriers and Do Not touch signs, our collection was accessable and at least look as if they are actually ridden, we are after all a Riders Club.

Thanks to all who brought their machines and helped to man the stand”.

John Lay – Chairman