VMCC Banbury Run 2014 – BMRCO presence

“The club was represented by seven machines on Sunday at the VMCC’s Banbury Run. This year the site had been rearranged somewhat with the auto-jumble moved down near the start and finish area with our club alongside the museum buildings. There were however more clubs than there was really room for, as a result we were in the “second” row which was not a very good position. None the less, with adequate numbers to “man the stand” everybody had time to look around the bikes and peruse the jumble. The jumble seemed to be somewhat smaller than in previous years, and some traders reported poor results; there did seem to be less people about compared to last year. The VMCC had move the event away from it’s usual Father’s Day date wich may have caught some people out, also the event did clash with a number of others in the area. However the weather stayed sunny and dry, albeit a bit windy amd the odd “bargin” was to be found in the jumble, all in all quite a good day. Thanks to all the members who turned to help.

Report – John Lay   Photos – Paul Albért