Italian Bike Day (17/05), Best of British Bike Day (31/05) and Autojumbles

During May there will be two events organised by BMRCO.


Saturday 17th May will be an ‘Italian Day’ for owners of Italian bikes. All are welcome and the Italian bikes are invited to park in the garden of the Red Lion whether owned by BMRCO members or not. All other bikes to be parked at the front of the Red Lion.

Saturday 31st May we will be holding our ‘Best of British Bike’ day at the Red Lion. All British bikes are invited to be parked in the garden of the Red Lion whether owned by BMRCO members or not.This event was a huge success last year and we hope to build on this.

A BBQ will be organised for each event and the events are from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs.


At both of these events the Club will have an Autojumble Stand for member’s items only. The format is simple. You fill in a form with your name, a description and price you require for the item.

Be aware that as the person selling the item may not be the owner.  The price on the ticket is firm.

At the end of the day you collect any items unsold together with the proceeds minus a 10% fee. The future of any monies raised from this fee will be decided on at the next AGM.

In all of our sheds and garages we have what we consider ’Junk’ that may well be that missing part for someone else’s restoration.

Contact Geoff (Ives ) for more information on any of the above.