Monday evening rides to the Red Lion – a trial

With the change to BST, the lengthening days and slightly warmer weather a man’s mind turns to riding one of his classics to the Club on a Monday evening.

Rather than just getting the old nail out of the shed and going straight to the club why not get in an hours ride getting to the club?

Rod and I did just that on Monday March 31st and jolly enjoyable it was too. Travelling as a small group also means that if you are a little anxious about the bike’s reliability then help is at hand.

If any member (or non-member) wishes to join me (and Rod) on this “Ride to Club” then turn up in the parking area of the village hall here in Freeland (opposite the Oxfordshire Yeoman) ready for a 18.00 hr start. There is no need to let me know (although it would be appreciated), just turn up if you want. If it is raining and looking gloomy then I will not be riding to the club, I will drive my car, that is what I have got it for (note added Monday April 7th whilst it is lashing down with rain)

Initially I will choose some sort of A and B road route to Cassington but my leading the ride is not necessarily a given and anybody is welcome to make up their own route and lead.

It is my intention to use the Model 50 on most rides so speeds will be slow and most riders with A10s and the like should be able to keep up.

I appreciate that the 18.00 hr start is probably too early for many but there are quite a few of us in this area who are retired or can otherwise organise their day to advantage and can join in.

(Please be advised that from Monday April 14 2014 the Ride to Club will now leave the village hall car park in Freeland at 18.30 –  note added 14/04/2014)

By all means invite non-members along

If anyone wishes to comment or has other ideas let me know.