2014 Events News

From yer Chairman (John Lay)

In 2013 we attended four events as a club, starting with Stafford in April, followed by the VMCC’s “Banbury Run”, “Founder’s Day Rally” in June, and lastly at the NEC Classic Bike Show in November.

Already we have received invitations for Stafford and the NEC Classic Bike Show. Also a new one for us is the “Calne Bike Meet” in July. This is an event similar to Cassington Bike Night but is held over 2 days in the town centre and is one of the largest biker events in the south of England. (A number of us attended this event back in 2005 and thoroughly enjoyed it – Graham). Also possible events we could have attended as a club were the “Popham Motorcycle Mega Meet” in August, Sand and Motorcycles at Leigton Buzzard in September.

There are quite a number of other events we could attend as well, either as a club ride out, or with members making their own way and meeting up once there.

However, the advantage of having a club “stand” is

(a) somewhere to park your bike in the midst of the show – not in some distance car park as at Banbury or Stamford Hal

(b) Somewhere to leave your gear, clothing etc.

(c) Shelter if the weather turns bad, and

(d) Free entry

In addition, such events also help publicize the club and raise it’s profile and are generally good fun.

Some (possible) 2014 dates

Bristol Show  Feb 8

Stafford Show April 26/27

Best of British Bike Day (BMRCO event)  June 7

Banbury Run June 8

Stamford Hall June 20

Calne July 25/26

Popham Mega Meet Aug 17

Sand and Motorcycle Sept 28

Comments and suggestions to your club officers please, or better still offers to come along and taker part, it’s your club after all. There will be other events, watch this space!