Cassington Bikenight 2013 – Webmaster’s take

Below is a selection of the many images I took at Cassington Bikenight on Monday June 24th. I personally thought that the evening was a big success with a fabulous display of British motorcycles on The Green. At approx 18.00 hrs I counted at least 250 and many more joined as the evening progressed until the access points were closed and Brit bikes plus others parked up in the fields. Apart from a few trailered examples (including the gorgeous classic Triumph race bike and the Model 50 heap I brought along for the NOC stand) all the others were ridden there which is testimony to many things, not least the passion of the owners. Well ridden Commandos with over 70000 miles on the clock and a well known Vin twin with registration PUB ….being just 2. You don’t see many Ariel Square fours around and then 3 turn up at the same time and all painted red. Bikes were ridden to Cassington from many points of the compass including Anthony and Sasha from Holland and 3 chappies from Darlington and Preston. One bike that many of us drooled over (red Egli Vin) went all shy on it’s owner and refused to start even when pushed half way to Yarnton. That motorcycling has such appeal and attracts such interest is not strange to us but is sometimes difficult to explain to non bikers.

I appreciate that Bikenight has changed greatly over the years but I do think that for us (BMRCO) that it has now become much more enjoyable with ownership having been passed on to Cassington village. We can now organise the Brit bike display on The Green and then kick back and enjoy the evening. The alternative of organising the entire event ourselves and to the level shown is not in my opinion possible. How many members would be willing and able to give of their time to organise and marshall this event? Not enough I suspect.

The event has changed, time moves on, yes there is now a degree of commercialism involved but it is Cassington’s event now. Accept it and enjoy the evening for what it is. If you don’t like Harleys then don’t look at them.

I personally congratulate Martin Richie and all the Cassington team for having organised  and marshalled the event so well. I hope that the village has enjoyed the event and benefitted financially.

Yer webmaster – Graham Lay

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