The Motorbike Show – ITV4 (21.00 – 22.00) Wednesday June 12 th 2013

Starting tonight on ITV 4 is a series of programmes made by Henry Cole in which he dabbles in all manner of two wheeled excitement ably assisted by our very own Peter Thorne (Aspire Motorcycles).

This evening he and Peter try their hand at trials riding getting tips and advice from a chap from the North by the name of D.Lampkin. Apparently DL is pretty good at it.

Should be well worth recording/looking at as the previous series were very enjoyable and things can only get better.

(If you are sufficiently switched on and have a a modern HDD recorder then set it to “series record” and you never need miss an episode)

Crack open a bottle of pop, treat yourself to some cheese and onion crisps and enjoy. You owe it to yourself.