Kineton Classic Car and Bike Gathering – Thursday June 6th

Thursday shone fair and only one other member (Mark Howard) took up my offer to ride over to the Classic Car and Bike Gathering at Kineton (a small village about 12 miles North West of Banbury). One advantage of riding in a small group and on similar metal is that one can get a good wriggle on. The 44 miles were despatched sharpish and after a bit of searching we joined the 30 or so mainly British bikes in Kineton. A couple of bikers present had ridden over to our Best of British Bikes day so our previous conversations could continue. Also “showing” on the field was a wide variety of classic cars which adds a lot to the interest. Everybody we spoke to was extremely welcoming and friendly. Homemade burgers were delicious and beverages were available. As stated in my previous post this gathering is repeated every month and I recommend it heartily to all other club members. For those who are retired and who would like a good ride then I would heartily recommend leaving early and getting to Kineton at 18.30  and enjoying the early evening before setting off for home. If you have a slow bike or ride slowly then you could still enjoy the glorious ride to this wonderful part of Warwickshire. Mark (on a modern Triumph Thunderbird) and I left at 21.15 and with nothing on the A44 were able to enjoy a spirited ride home with our speeds not dropping below the legal limit for many miles. The Norton Commando sings beautifully at 4000 rpm and even with 65000 miles on the clock performs well. It all goes to prove that you can get your kicks on classic metal at lower speeds than with these Fireblade jobs.

Kineton Classic Car and M-C Gathering June 2013-5Kineton Classic Car and M-C Gathering June 2013-7Kineton Classic Car and M-C Gathering June 2013-3