Best of British Bikes Day – 2013 (Report)

We wuz blessed with most wonderful weather the entire day, many thanks to Jan and Bill of the Red Lion for allowing us to gather in the garden. They supplied us with drinks and delicious burgers were cooked by a chappie from the Cassington Sports and Social Club. I believe enough were consumed for it to have been worthwhile. Thanks to all.

Some 70 British motorcycles appeared during the day and parked up to be admired. At least 25 BMRCO members turned up which means that through networking with other clubs and local Classic Car/Bike gatherings we attracted 45 or so other British motorcycles and their riders to the event. The NOC was represented, Bucks British and Classic MCC, 3 riders from the Wychwood Classic car and Bike “club”, VMCC, BSA owners club and doubtless many other clubs. We even had the local friendly Chief Druid put in an appearance. The recently restored beautiful sprung hub blue Triumph was ridden from Isleworth. Quite wonderful to see 3 generations of the Leach family turn up on bikes at the gathering.

The June issue of “Real Classic” magazine kindly mentioned us as a place to go to in their Outward Bound section which sent quite a few bikers our way.

2 classic BMW riders were gently turned away at the gate because their steed were foreign, they parked at the front of the pub and made their way around to the garden. They were members of the VMCC in some distant county and considered their 1920 Scotts a bit uncomfortable for the 75 mile journey to Cassington, hence the modern (40 year old modern) BMWs. All were made welcome.

A disadvantage of the blazing sun was that the reflections from the highly polished chrome tanks of BSA Rocket Gold Stars and the like made for tricky photography. The sun reflecting off many people heads was also evident.

As is usual at such events stories from long ago were regaled and as the afternoon wore on the speeds got higher, the angles of lean more extreme and power outputs of even mundane bikes grew. This is quite normal and had nothing to do with the beer.

We have now pretty much decided that the event will be repeated in 2014 with the chosen date being the first Saturday in June.

As a result of the success we will also now meet as a club in the gardens until the weather turns.

Enjoy the images below, I have kept them big because big is beautiful.

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