“Best of British Bike Day” at the Red Lion Cassington, Saturday June 1st 2013

On Saturday June 1st 2013 we (BMRCO) are holding a Best of British Bike Day at the Red Lion in Cassington.

The fun will begin at 11.00 and finish at 18.00 hrs and will take place at the rear of the Red Lion. Only British Bikes are to park here; non British bikes (should they turn up) are to park elsewhere.

The Red Lion have kindly agreed to set up a bar and a barbeque in their garden so that we will be nicely victualled.

This is an opportunity for us members to socialise at a time other than at our usual Monday evening slot, to revel in our shared passion of British bikes in all their variety and to invite any friends and aquaintances who have Brit bikes to come along. So if you know someone who has a British bike but who is not a member of BMRCO then invite them along.

The event is to be kept simple with no concourse business, no loud music and no strippers. 

No entry fee, just turn up and celebrate our heritage.