2012 AGM – Held November 26

The 2012 AGM was held on November 26th during which some vigorous discussions took place regarding the activities for 2013.


The minutes of the AGM are as follows –

British Motorcycle Riders Club (Oxford) Minutes of 2012 AGM.

Venue. The Red Lion Cassington. Date 26th November 2012-11-27

The meeting was opened at 8pm.  by the Chairman, John Lay, with 15 members present.

Apologies for absence. Were given for… Chris Hope, Julie Perrin, Amy Elger and Roy Farrell.

Minutes of the 2011 AGM. As the Secretary was not present there were no minutes on hand for the 2011 AGM.

As there were no minutes there were no ‘Matters arising’.

Officers Report.

Chairman. John Lay gave a  breakdown of the Club activities in the last twelve months

Membership Secretary. Ray Elger reported on membership numbers and indicated that he would be unable to continue in his role.

Treasurer. Julie Perrin was not present but  sent a financial statement to the meeting. This statement is attached. She indicated that she was prepared to continue in the post.

Election of Officers. The following were elected to their prospective posts for the next twelve months.

Chairman………………….. John Lay.

Secretary..………………… Geoff Ives.

Treasurer……………………Julie Perrin.

Membership Secretary……Ken Drinkwater.

Webmaster…………………Graham Lay.

Club Activities for the next twelve months.

It was agreed that the Club involvement in Bike Night should follow that of 2012.

Geoff Ives would prepare a bi monthly Newsletter to be sent to members by e-mail and that some hard copies would be available from the Red Lion for members without internet access.

There was a discussion on the progression of the Club website.

An annual dinner will be held at the Red Lion on the 9th February 2013.

Recruitment Policy

Pete Thorn offered members (6 months) for customers having a bike restored at  ‘Aspire Classic Restorations’.

Richard Duffin proposed that the complimentary 6 month membership should be offered to owners of British Motorcycles at Bike Night.. The proposition was seconded by John Thrussell and carried unanimously.

Pete Thorne offered discount on parts purchased from Aspire Classic Restorations. Details to appear in the next Newsletter.

We discussed inviting speakers to meeting and felt that we could reimburse  expenses for those speakers.

There was a show of appreciation to the Village Committee who organised the 2012 Bike Night.

The meeting was closed by the Chairman at 9.09pm.