Breathalyser kits required in France/packets of 3.

Okay you guys listen up – them French now require us to carry unused breathalyser kits with us when driving in France as from July 1st this year.

The good news is that you can buy a packet of 3 for £4.99 ; they used to cost a lot more in my youth methinks.

The following tome comes courtesy of Mr Alan Elger (big Al to his friends). The advice will be very useful when planning any club runs.

Driving through or to France from Summer 2012 – Breathalyser kits required   
There is a new French law that comes into effect 1 July 2012 which requires all drivers (irrespective of which country you are from) to have an unused & readily available breathalyser kit in their vehicle at all times when in France.

Below is a summary of some of the key points and also a link to a website.

The law applies to all drivers of any vehicle (including motorbikes) in France 
You must have an unused & readily available NF Approved (NF is the French equivalent to BSI – British Standards) 0.05% BAC Detection Breathalyser Kit in your car at all times when in France or face fines. 
You will be expected to produce the Breathalyser Kit if asked to by the French police 
Having the kit in the car will not stop the French police from giving you a breathalyser test 
If you are found to be over the limit having a breathalyser kit in the car will not protect you from prosecution for drink driving. 
You will be required to carry the breathalyser test kits even if you are tee-total and have no intention of drinking and driving 
The new law is effective from the 1 July 2012 
The fine for not having a breathalyser kit is relatively small at around 11 Euros each time you are caught 
It is probably advisable to carry 2 of the disposable breathalyser test kits in case you are required to use one, otherwise you could then be in breach of the law 
The breathalyser kit must be ’in date’. All disposable breathalyser kits have an expiry or use by date on them. When they are past the use by date you will be required to purchase new ones to carry. 
Single use breathalyser kits are relatively inexpensive – around £4.99 for a pack of 3 and if you go for ones with a long shelf life should last you for many trips 
The French drink driving limit 0.05% BAC which is significantly lower than the UK’s 0.08% BAC  (0.05% BAC equates to 50 mg alcohol per 100ml of blood – Graham)
It is best to avoid drinking and driving. 
You could still easily be over the French drink drive limit the morning if you consume alcohol the night before. 

To help you, before you take your car to France please visit and this will give you full details.

Thanks Big Al