Relay For Life – Cancer Research (Witney Rugby Club) July 14 – 15th 2012

We have been invited to attend an event being organised by Cancer Research and to be held at Witney Rugby Club on July 14 – 15th 2012. I have copied below the details sent through to me.

I personally cannot attend as I am out of the country during this period but if anyone is interested in attending or otherwise showing support,  then do contact them.

The Relay For Life event will be held over a 24 hour period from 12.00 on Saturday and will bring together teams of people from the community – young, old, men, women and children all fundraising for CRUK. There will also be cancer survivors attending who will treated as VIPs during the weekend. 

Apart from the fundraising and raising awareness during this time, we like to provide as much entertainment for people as possible. This year we have music, paintballing, craft stalls, inflatable human table football and Olympic style competitions. Also the rugby club bar will be open and their barbeque will be on the go.

With all that in mind, I was wondering whether any of your club members would be interested in coming to provide a show of their wonderful machines. Having attended your Cassington Bike Night, I know just what an impact the motorcycles have on people and with us having more than enough space to accommodate such a display, I feel compelled to make this offer to the club.

 Hopefully this might be something that your members would like to consider. Below is our weblink to provide your members with more information about our event. All of my contact details are on the webpage as well, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Debbie O’Sullivan